Falling Feathers

Unlike Saturday’s golden weather, Sunday’s would influence most people to stay inside and cuddle through Netflix. However, I fancy the cool, damp, wetness. I also figured it would be an opportunity to cruise some of the unknown back streets and snap some photos. Before I ventured off, my dad hollered, “You do realize it’s raining outside, right?” Well, not everyone enjoys the rain as much as I do.

DSC_2611Some trees stick out


I got somewhat lost, but my navigational skills (without google maps) led me home. I pulled up to this intersection before I reached a recognized main drag. Rainbow-sign from the universe?


An hour or so later, I pulled into my gravel driveway. I gathered my few belongings from the car and while walking to the front door, I noticed a small white feather falling from the sky. I let out my hand and it floated down into my palm. I scanned the roof and grey sky, but no birds in sight. Hmm, life is truly a mystery.


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