No Hurry

Since being laid off, my days are pretty open/flexible, but simultaneously very productive. I understand what I want to accomplish each day and what I take pleasure in doing. Although I am looking for another job, I do reflect on how far my current savings will float me. With my estimation which is based on student loans, car payment, food, and medical bills, I have until the end of October to discover another stream of income. Acknowledging that this equates to only two months away, this scenario can momentarily get the best of me. However, I don’t allow these temporary pressures to consume me. In my mind, escaping the indoors and driving around to take photos is really therapeutic. I am not in a rush or hurry to take a shot and race back home. Some photos ideas come and it happens, otherwise, I just keep on driving. Instead of attempting to race through life for the next promotion or job opportunity, sometimes it is better to just look around and recognize all that surrounds you.DSC_2645

Posted upDSC_2670Broken down or maybe just taking a breather

DSC_2672Antique store downtown in Spring City, PA.

DSC_2700Lean back and breath in the fresh air


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