A Long Strange Trip

My thoughts/emotions were all over the place yesterday, and it appears that the long strange trip continues onward. I am definitely transitioning, again, in life, but I’m not totally sure where I’m heading, again. At the age of 23, I still have not discovered my divine purpose or am aware of/acknowledge my true unique gift to this world. It’s slightly disappointing based on the amount of soul searching I have done in the past, and it’s better just to let it drift away at times.

I do want to create and impact people in a certain way. My dad continues his attempts of pressuring me back into a standard corporate role. His fear is money, and through his conditioning, I have slightly adopted this fear as well. However, I feel like I will only keep repeating the cycle if I choose another boring, accounting role to sustain my everyday needs. I really do hope I don’t succumb to this overbearing inherited pressure.

I believe my next move, no pun intended, is to actually move away and remove myself from my environment. Too many outside voices are creating too much static, and only I know what I truly want. It is imperative that I take some risks, otherwise, I will only regret my lack of courage as I age away.

DSC_2758A Long Strange Trip-Biography of the Grateful Dead

DSC_2761Are you gonna get in the game or not??



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