Harsh Realities

Mixed thoughts regarding this monumental decision began pummeling me before the day even started- at around 3:00 a.m. I laid there restless, trying to rationalize this imposing decision. After hundreds of turns and over-the-top exhales, I drifted back to sleep. Later on, as Porter rummaged through the San Fran Craigslist housing postings, I attempted to wrap my head around some of the daunting factors; for instance, without housing, food, utilities, and misc costs, my bills already climb up to $1650, which is composed of student loans, car payment, and medical bills. Overhearing Porter gasp at the average sublet prices, influenced me to consider how feasible moving to San Fran would really be. Along with that, I’m torn between which career to partake in. I’m leaning towards sales since my personality aligns better with it than my previous employment, auditing. However, I may need to take a paycut/finding a position is my first obstacle. However, even forgetting those factors, is that even what I really want to do? After pacing around the house with hopes of relieving stress from this question, it came down to the fact that I really have no choice right now. I owe so much money each month, that I need some job that can cover the bills, and a minimum wage role or a new creative field will not cover that at this moment. To be brutally honest, even with a sales job/business job in San Fran, I may require a second form of income. After being bombarded with the facts of this matter, I simply settled on the simple fact- I need a job.

DSC_2917Essential tools for tackling decisions

DSC_2925Slackline the stress away


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