Impulsive Desicions

I woke up with relatively nothing on my schedule, besides a physical appointment I forgot about until later, and after a few impulsive sent text messages, the beach became today’s destination. I raced over to my friend Porter’s house to scoop her, and off we went on a 2 hour trek to the infamous Jersey Shore. There was much uncertainty roaming as we discussed her recent employment acceptance and upcoming ¬†relocation to San Francisco. It’s courageous of her to start in a unfamiliar city with a shortage of resources-savings,friends, etc. As we planted ourselves in the sand and I munched on my beloved Wawa¬†hoagie, which a Seagull swooped in to take a bite at, thoughts of my next move flooded in. I mean, I have no constrained employment, and no real career/occupation for that matter. With my severance pay, I have roughly enough to last me until the end of October…hopefully. Besides my family, who I love and appreciate everything from, most of my friends have departed from my area. What was really keeping me here? Why shouldn’t I just move out to San Francisco? So, on that beach, with high hopes and plans, I declared that I would move cross country to San Francisco as well.


Major decisions make big splashes


Porter looks on to the future..or that boat

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