Drying out my Thoughts

My mind has been fairly muddy, to the say the least, these past few days. Although I’ve noticed when I start writing out the situation and start stating my priorities, everything gradually sloooows down. Not too hard, right? These days, excessive walks and retreats to nature have been my greatest allies. Yesterday I escaped the job postings and various inputs from family members and close friends, and retreated back to a small ski mountain (two slopes), about fifteen minutes back from my house. The snowless slopes carve in and out under the tress to a vertical of about two thousand feet, which makes for a pleasant hike. I might see a soul or two running up and down in these parts, but it’s mostly pure isolation, besides the hawks hovering above me.

Stationed on top of the chairlift plateau, I gazed over Pennsylvania’s thick woods, and reflected on the fact that nothing, and I mean not anything has occurred yet. With that, why even worry? My thought patterns displayed very negatively these past couple of weeks, and it is all due to the fact that I’m creating unnecessary scenarios in my head. Instead, lets enjoy all that is happening in the present and simultaneously prepare for the future. Whatever is suppose to happen will happen, but sometimes it just takes a hike and a wander to recognize that.

Drying rack
Isolation chair
The Clubhouse

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