Rediscovered Pleasures

It was a little past 1 p.m. when we stepped foot on the hot sand, baking under the scorching sun. These days any free time– which is a majority of the time– is an opening to trek down to the jersey shore. I mean, it’s the dog days of summer, so really why not? After lugging our belongings, surfboards and beach chairs, across the sandy stretch, we edged into an ocean front spot. The continuous sets of waves were pounding, for once, and I immediately paddled towards the rest of surfers. This afternoon would make for an abundance of rights and the occasional lefts to glide into.

At the commencement of summer, I traded in my beaten up, agile surfboard in exchange for a longer, more fun board. In the past few years, I haven’t gotten out that much, and my abilities were a bit rusty, admittedly. However, recently I have been jumping on any opportunity to cruise down to the shore and test out my unmarked board. Surfing can be a quite a workout, but also a chiller, enjoyable time out on the water. I recognized that for the past ten years or so, a majority of my recommended daily exercise has been engaged in a confined space filled with equipment that exerts muscles that for the most part are rarely used in daily life:the gym. I get it though, people desire to feel and look good, and trust me, I was all about it for a long time. I don’t see myself completely abandoning the gym, but for the most part, I am devoid of any enjoyment of going there. Whether it’s hiking, surfing, skiing, or whatever form of exercise, being outside is more organic and beneficial for our well-being.

A simpler life
A healthy lifestyle
Hop in the back

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