Defeating Laziness

A little past 10:30 I fell smack down on my bed and stretched out to commemorate a newly adopted hard day of work. As I posted before, I will come back with vengeance and pull the impossible– overcome my laziness. I’ve always been lazy to an extent, shit, I’ll admit it. At my previous job, if I didn’t think the delegated duty was necessary in the grand scheme of things, then let me assure you, I either didn’t do it at all or did the bare minimum necessary. Of course, this pitfall would eventually wound up being my demise.

I stared blankly through the darkness of my room, not much too see anyway besides a few trippy framed pieces of art, and confronted the fact that the only way going forward is working hard–mainly putting forth conscious action throughout the day. As I hinted at in another post, I need a job, but I must be broadening my skills on the side. Simply put, I will not allow myself to surrender to a job where my soul crumbles and get’s tossed away like a subway hoagie wrapper–I just can’t. And the only way to avoid this trap known as the standard 9-5 is to expand one’s skill set while working a job, and eventually, one will be able to have the abilities to earn income off his choosing. With that, let’s get to work.

Let’s get it
Fall is coming-hay rides thru the corn fields coming

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