Seasons Change

I’ve been on the move the past few days:From Limerick,PA~Allenhurst, NJ~Manhattan,NY~Wilmington, DE~Philadelphia~Limerick~Longport, NJ~Limerick,PA. With that, I’m actually content with being behind the computer for a few minutes instead of behind the wheel. Each trip was impromptu after the other, and led to a scurry back to each state. It’s Porter’s final week before she leaves for San Fran, so I figured we mine as well try to pack in as much as possible. However, after racing around, and finally returning home, the most pleasant part of the trip was merely playing cards and sipping on wine on my weed infested patio–It may just be the ability to unwind and be comfortable in a place that is your’s.

Earlier that day, we rambled over to the local park and laid out a snuggie (yes, you read that correctly) and admired the pleasant evening. Lounging on the incline grass slope, I took notice to the leaves hanging on a thread. Some leaves were gradually changing and it hinted at the changing of the seasons. Even though it is technically still summer, the month of September, in my mind, is the commencement of fall. Although fall is beautiful,especially in Pennsylvania, it underlines the flux of life. Seasons change and people change as well. There is no certainty in life except change. It is apparent, at this point in my life, I am in the midst of a major transformation. My career is completely uncertain, my relationships are changing, and I may be relocating. I feel the surface has completely been removed from underneath me. With that, I need to plunge into the change and dance with it, as Alan Watts once said. And although I may not be aware of where I’m heading, I can at least acknowledge that this is the truly beautiful mystery of life.

Lazy Dayz
Powerful times
We can get through this together
Seagulls be lurking



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