What do I do?

In a previous post, I reflected on the fact that I needed to find a job. Well, slight change of plans, I need to discover a way of earning money. I do not want to be condemned to repeat my previous few months of drudgery, working a corporate job, and as I scan through these run-of-the-mill job postings, I can only imagine myself reliving an identical life. With that, how do I escape it? Before, I’ve stated the facts: $1660 bills without rent and food, savings will last me until the end of October, so how do avoid the societal pressure of attaining a job and produce income in a unique way, with little investment?

Well, at this time, I do not possess any skills that are mastered, so of course, that’s a dilemma. There’s other ways to support oneself nowadays, such as through social media like youtube. However, these platforms require a strong following and more than not, it demands months of work before any money starts trickling in. But as I said, I only have two months until the government and other bill collectors start hassling me by all means available. Shit, I’m stuck in a jam right now. I really don’t want to resort back to the corporate life, so I better start thinking fast!

Labor Day Weekend Grilling
Everyone appreciates a nice sunset

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