A Joyful Journey

It is apparent that I have been feeling somewhat lost or indecisive on my next career move since I got laid off a few weeks ago. When one is pinned down in a undesirable workplace, he or she may resent it and presume all will be better once it’s over. Well, when one is unexpectedly removed from the place once despised, he or she may feel disoriented on what to do next. There are endless possibilities on what to engage in, but is unclear whether or not those careers will fit this individual person.

In my situation, I attempted to prepare myself for the separation from my former job, and contemplated ideas that I could undertake next. However, nothing was more prominent than the rest, and I am fixated in a similar spot as I was before-when I was employed-but now I’m not receiving a biweekly paycheck.

Although the monetary aspect is a pitfall to my financial status, or lack there of, I do embrace the idea that as your soul matures, it removes aspects of your life which are no longer serving you. I mean, besides the constant cash flow, that job was not serving or supporting my development. With that, I am not compelled to regress back into a similar role, just so I can timely payoff my bills in the next few months. Instead, I am opting for a position which, of course, will pay my bills, but remove me from my comfort zone: posssibly Sales.

Even if sales is not my passion or purpose, which I don’t think truly is, I will be broadening my skill set on the job and simultaneously through other means. For instance, I have taken the initiative to shoot photos, write, and read everyday. One needs to make an effort to refine his abilities, in order to one day plunge into the unknown. However, as I’ve learned, you will never be ready or prepared for that one day, hence the day I was fired, so therefore you mine as well focus on enjoying your journey in each present moment.

Limerick Powerplant
Some roads are already laid out for us, should you take them?
Magic School Bus by the folk festival grounds



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