Hawk and Snake Symbolism

A row of them peered out of the corner of my eye, and I immediately whipped down the gravel driveway to catch sight of them: hawks. Ten hawks, maybe more, were stationed along the fence posting, sitting patiently, monitoring the garden fields. I rolled up parallel to them, and each hawk remained completely still. I was anticipating  a mad craze of each one bursting away. However, as a cadet would hold down his or her post until relieved of ordered duties, the hawks sustained their positions as well.

I snagged my camera off the passenger seat and then, creeped around the back of my car in an attempt to not be uncovered. I was hesitant being at such a thumbnail distance, and hurried my shots. As I pulled away, I recalled my encounter with a snake yesterday, and wait…..that just triggered another memory–I also spotted a snake the previous week. For me, these wildlife experiences aren’t everyday occurrences, so I assume each animal holds a more spiritual significance. With that, Barnes N Noble became my next mandatory pitstop.

I scanned through the spiritual section, towards Shamanic books, and spotted a book on animal symbolism. I jumped through the pages towards the one on hawks; Basically, the hawk is observant and is able to see a broader picture, with that, hawks often appear in our lives when we need to be aware of the subtle messages around us, and from those we come in contact with. For me, this description really hits home.

Subsequently, I flicked through the pages and arrived at the snake. The snake’s underlying symbolism is one of personal growth and transformation. For instance, as snakes grow, they shed their skin. Of course, with the events occurring in my life, this message is true to it’s core. I’m aware I am going through another transformation, and these encounters only concur to them.

These unique symbolisms reach way back to different cultures (Shamanic) and societies, and although modern society might dismiss them as false, I do encourage everyone to be aware of which animals you might encounter and the relations to your current stage in life.

Be observant

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