Grateful Dayz

The best days usually roll from one activity to the next with little to no preparation exerted into them. Yesterday was one of those days. The day did not contain any extraordinary thrills or twists, but the simplicity and peacefulness was more than I had expected. A brief recap: morning coffee and blogging, dog walk in the park, lunch outside at a local deli, pool, yoga, Barnes and Noble trip, Italian dinner, playing cards, bed. Now, I do acknowledge that this day was made possible thanks to my unemployment status, and with that, one should be thankful when existing on the dole; in my case, I’m surviving off my severance payment.

But really, why worry? Why feel ashamed or pitied from the rest of the world when unemployed? I currently have the leisure to engage in activities I find pleasurable, instead of fretting and racing to an unwanted job. Hunter S. Thompson cheers to unemployment through a lengthy quote which celebrates the fact that he was able to do what he wanted to do, as long as he had enough capital to pay rent and food.

However, this post is not only to toast to the concept of unemployment, but instead, to identify and appreciate the opportunities occurring in one’s life. Gratitude is a feeling which is applicable to all life situations, and it revolves around changing your perspective. Unemployment is just the prime example since most would evaluate it as an unfortunate position, but actually, it is a favorable opportunity.

With that, in order to have a great day, extraordinary events do not need to line up, it just requires the ability to see the greatness in each ordinary activity.


Everybody needs a copilot 




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