Zig-zag through life

Porter and I hunkered over the wooden table displaying wild caught salmon, freshly cut sweet potatoes fries, fresh salad, and a bottle of red wine: a going-away meal for Porter. Chatter flowed from one topic to the next, and soon the bottle of wine was dwindling to only a few final drops. Chill tunes were jamming in the background, and the topic of my next move arose. I hold a general idea of where I would like to progress to, but my skillset may not be presentable yet. Therefore, I have to think realistically—I despise this word—and land a role, which my skillset matches to. It will most likely, and unfortunately, be another corporate job, but this temporary job might lead me along to my destination.

During the winter, I recall reading the outline of a journey through one’s life/career. It is rarely, and I mean, is never a straight line to one’s destination. It typically zig-zags and loops with round twists and sharp turns, but eventually one arrives to the mecca of their dreams. However, glancing back at each stop and stage, certain unique moments connect which allows one to finally make sense of it.

This upcoming stop might be a twist, and at this narrow point, it is certainly unexpected, but I believe it will inch me closer to my dreams. Right now, I’m reaching to snag a job in San Francisco, and I don’t know what’s waiting out there for me, job included, but I’m sure something will turn up. Embrace the mystery.dsc_3948dsc_3950

Shuffle life up

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