The Present=A Gift

Under the precious, side-roof shade, Porter and I lounged on the plastic bench outside of the local ice cream parlor. It was hot, and ice cream was the remedy for the heat. Everything was very still as we dipped and scooped into each other’s dishes. The chocolate brownie was heavenly as it melted on my tongue. Occasionally, someone would come along, passing by– maybe on his or her way to the post office or to meet up with a friend. We just sat and observed the outer world swiveling around us.

Moments of tranquility can be few and far to come by, but are certainly recognizable when transpired. Well, savoring ice cream influences these occasions to be more transparent. But actually, they are attainable at all times, simply by living in the present. One focuses and indulges in what he or she is engaging in, and with that, is able to access a sense of serenity.

Dismiss the external world, thoughts, and expectations, and just immerse oneself in that present time. I know, easier said than done, but occupying the conscious awareness leads one the majority of the way. With that, there is no need to perceive a moment as either positive or negative. It simply just is that moment. Therefore, one can consequently embrace the situation without any preconceived connotation attached to it.

By gazing around at the world, without any attachment, one is able to see the magic floating around us. A majority of the population has been conditioned to accept everything as ordinary or insignificant, but a fundamental miracle underlies within each bundle of atoms and particles. Each occurrence in life isn’t futile, but rather, a marvel of the universe.



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