Keep Searching

I grasped the metal bar of the standard, striped beach chair and plunged it in the sand facing towards my parents. I planted myself in the seat, then dug and buried my feet in the yielding sand. Resting in my lap was the book, The Proud Highway: Saga of a Desperate Southern Gentleman: a collection of letters written by Hunter S. Thompson. One letter which intrigued my interest was a letter to a friend about finding purpose–basically, a message to the dear reader on discovering his way in life. I was so moved by this well-thought-out letter that I re-read it to my parents.

All and all, the overall point is a man needs to find some type of meaning in his work/career–my dilemma at the moment. However, as Hunter states, most men have lived relatively vertical than horizontal lives, therefore it can be deemed challenging. But, if life has laid out eight paths for you to venture on, and none of those those eight paths have yielded any joy, then one MUST make a ninth path–my current outlook and plan.

Hunter goes on…sardonically..explaining no one HAS to do something they do no want to (i.e. you have to work this job) but if you wind up doing that, then convince yourself that you HAD to. You will have lots of company. Hunter was such a sarcastic bastard, but his words embody so much truth.

To make a living doing something you want to do, requires an abundance of hard work, failure, and perseverance. Although Hunter was notorious for being a drunk and crazy, his letters reveal a relentless work ethic and consistent persistence to become a writer. However, some people do not even know their dream job–partially myself included–but one goes a long way just by looking for it. Keep searching.

Make the 9th path





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