We are what we pretend to be

“We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be.”-Kurt Vonnegut

Take a moment and just sit there and ponder how you became who you are. One might trace it back to different stages of life or key turning points. Well, the outset did not begin by reactive experience, but by your initial thoughts. As many have heard, “As you think, you shall become”–so be careful. These thoughts, supported with emotion gradually become experiences, and of course, we are the byproduct of our experiences.

After my dismissal from my mundane job, I steadily became crippled by fear. An overload of outside influences were barraging me with their perspectives. Soon my thought pattern aligned with their’s, and if I continue to think that way, they is who I will become.

Each person chooses a path in this life, consciously or unconsciously. These paths are constructed with various materials such as fear, hope, and faith. Certain paths are bumpier than the others, but the bumpier ones typically reveal the most stunning views. We decide, with our thoughts, which path we will venture on.

For example, my thoughts led me from college to a solid paying job at one of the top accounting firms. I made it; I arrived! But when I reached the summit it didn’t overwhelm me with any sensational emotion. And as I gradually began the job, I began to wonder why I even desired to get there in the first place. Looking back, my environment certainly had an influence on me, and I soon, adopted their thoughts and desires, as dull as they were.

In a nutshell, beware of who you pretend to be, because you will become he or or she sooner or later.


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