A New Day

I scooted around the turn to position myself for the shot of the abandoned house. Ply wood concealed each window panel and vines were seizing the rest of the run-down building. This home was one of many buildings I noticed shut down or on the verge of closing, during my  photo venture yesterday. I toured the town of Spring City and up to Phoenixville. I encountered junkies under the bridge, blue-collar men greasing their bikes, and an abundant of people–all ages–lounging around. This three hour account depicted the heart of the American people, which may not be seen everyday. Life takes a beating on everyone, year after year, and each person responds differently. One thing in common, though, at the core of the majority of people, each person is just attempting to survive another day.

Last winter, I would depart from work in Philly at a little pat 11 p.m every night– the weather was numbing and the city was mute and dark. I put forth a conscious effort to bring hot chocolate or leftover food to any homeless residents on my trek to the train station. Their situations were bleak, and one needs to possess a lot of fight to attempt  another day.

Everyone encounters different struggles on a daily basis and it can be tiresome: whether it’s heartbreak, depression, eviction, joblessness. I often see posts on my feed about individuals fighting hardship or depression. Needless to say, these pains suck. It might often appear there is not light at the end of the tunnel. But one needs to acknowledge the will they possess to get up and take on each day. This solo trait we all possess is something worth celebrating for. Welcome to a new day.




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