Loitering in Life

I sat alone in my car parked in front of the Turkey Hill front doors, snacking on Swedish fish and downing a 2 liter water. Occasionally, someone would enter and exit–blue collar type grabbing a snack in between outdoor labor. They were at least working, I was just loitering. Besides that, the scene in Spring City was more or less desolate. People were either at work or in school, or simply left the town for good. I don’t blame them.

A majority of my friends, and people my age for that matter, escape their hometown in seek of something fresh or merely better. I hope to, but sometimes I feel daunted by life and paralyzed within my town–mainly due to financial means. I mean, even at the moment I’m grappling with just obtaining an interview–anywhere. After talking to a Linkedin recruiter the night before, I discovered the job market was dense in my area due to recent layoffs. Well, at least I wasn’t the only one.

A tatted, Turkey Hill employee swung open the doors and took refuge next to the Redbox and immediately started sucking down on a cigarette. He was about my age, and most people our age, still around, are working just part-time jobs to get by–gas stations, grocery stores, etc. I reflected on my situation, and what I need to accomplish to exit this town.

Furthermore, in the long run it’s minuscule to just raise enough capital to be able to move to a new city. Certain issues remain the same, and it actually causes a demand for higher income. From my perspective, I’m viewing my situation as a chance to actually create something. I’m devoid of any aspirations regarding obtaining a higher salary or bonus: those accolades don’t add any permanent value.

I’m looking to now, for once, to use my time to create myself and do something with it. It will involve lots of time and struggles, but I much rather than occupy my time working on myself than wasting it away in an office or a Turkey Hill parking lot.





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