Beyond your Backyard

I gripped a TWIX ice-cream bar in my right hand and steered the wheel with my left, as I explored the backroads about 15 minutes north of my house. Modern Motown music was blaring out the speakers and warm sun-rays were beaming on me through the sunroof. My sister was in the passenger seat, along for the ride, and we just roamed around with no destination in mind.

The roads would curve and narrow and change from gravel to smooth pavement as we hopped from one to the next. We approached bountiful amounts of farmland, and we were somewhat amazed in how much was back behind us. Before, I was under the impression there was mainly woods or neighborhoods concealed north of our neighborhood. However, it revealed some families we’re living copiously up there, in their own unique ways.

My sister had visited from the New York City for the weekend, and felt refreshed to ramble out in open space. We pulled off the road and got out to gaze at a majestic farm stationed under the clear blue sky. Needless to say, it was picturesque, and it reminded me once again of the beauty that lies in Pennsylvania, let alone my backyard.

I feel like most people–myself included– have a strong desire to get away and move somewhere for new scenery. However, there is so much unknown to see and experience just around one’s residence. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been coming to terms with this truth, and endeavoring to explore as much as I can.

When I ask people what they would do for the rest of their lives, with all of the financial means, most people claim to travel. However, an opportunity to travel is already surrounding all of us. Escape from the strip malls, landmarks, and neighborhoods, and just drive to the unknown. One will encounter new space and new perspectives, just by looking beyond their backyard.





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