A platter of mild wings, a basket of fries, and cups of ice water were the payoff for hiking up the ski mountain on a crisp Sunday afternoon. The sun was radiating and reflecting off the heated pool on the resort deck. Small groups of guests were enjoying beer as well as the opportunity to bask in the sun while taking a dip. And in the background, bands of the likes of Bruce Springsteen and Jethro Tull jammed over the speakers.

Under the umbrella, our conversations hopped and skipped from comedy to spirituality to workplace professionalism. Opinions and viewpoints were shared and looped around the table from one generation to the next. My points and perspectives always seem to align with my mom’s, while my sister’s and my dad’s are usually in alignment together as well. Rebuttals were vented and the blue cheese and celery took the edge off.

Overall, it was a satisfying afternoon to celebrate my upcoming birthday. I’m departing for a week in San Francisco on Tuesday, and all of my family came together this weekend for an early birthday bash. We feasted on brunch and chocolate cake earlier that morning, endured a food coma for an hour or two, then trekked up to the mountain for an afternoon hike. It was a pleasant day: scrumptious food, good people, entertaining conversations, and the great outdoors.

I’m reaching the starting point of my mid-twenties (24 on Thursday). It is somewhat daunting to handle. Ample amounts of people say, “Don’t worry, you’re still young.” However, I recognize how quickly the earth rotates around the sun. Speedily, I’ll be in my late twenties and then, thirties within a moment after that. This acknowledgment influences me to not only enjoy the time spent, but to also start hustling towards my goals. My youth may be fading, but my dreams are manifesting.


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