Spontaneous Adventures

My indecisiveness led to a day of spontaneous movement from one place to the next. Originally, my friend, Josh, and I were planning on trekking down to Santa Cruz for the day, but due to the amount of time and logistics just to head on down there, it seemed best to ramble around the city of San Francisco instead. San Francisco is vast–at one point, we were hiking Mount Sutra, then snagging burritos in an ethnic part of Mission, carrying on towards Ocean Beach, then journey over to infamous Chinatown, veer off towards the Financial District, and finish with drinks and dinner in the eccentric Haight Ashbury.

As the day carried on, my fondness for San Francisco grew. Initially, I was somewhat wary due to the hype I overheard on the flight over. I mean, people rave about New York, and while it does have a lot to offer, the city’s overall vibe doesn’t align as well with me. San Francisco is noticeably chiller, and even though it still occupies the work hustle mindset, there is a lack of madness, which New York is notorious for.

San Francisco is distinctive in its own way, and it is a type of city that I have never experienced before—from the food to the city layout. I am accustomed to east coast cities, and although each one is their own, there is still a distinguishing feel that is applicable to all of them. Words can’t really describe it; one just needs to experience it for themselves.



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