Another Year

Today, September 29, 2016, is my birthday. I have spent a majority of the day by myself, due to the fact that Porter had to work. Although it is my birthday, I had no ambitious plans for today. I took the train over to Berkeley, California; once I got here, I drifted the streets aimlessly, settled down to do some writing outside at a café, then chowed down on some Thai food to cap off the morning.

After all of that, I wandered around up to the front lawn of Berkley’s campus. It wasn’t as occupied or eccentric as Dolores Park, but there were students and individuals planted in their own spacious territories. As I laid face down in the manicured grass, I became aware of the earth’s rotation. And today mark’s my 24th rotation around the sun.

Celebrating my birthday in California is a first for me, but it doesn’t seem all that much different compared to any of the years in the past. It’s almost like it’s just another day: consisting of life reflections and potential solutions. However, lounging out in the sun is pleasant. For instance, last year I was confined in a dreary conference room for employment training—it was only my second day at the job. Now, I’m outside, but unemployed. Life is a tradeoff, isn’t it?

I recall last year I wrote down ten goals/objectives I desired to fulfill in the upcoming year. Well, I misplaced that list, but I do recollect a few of the ten. I can say, I did manifest some, but lacked action towards others. With the completion of another year, it seems appropriate that I sketch out another list, and try to shape the year that lies ahead of me.



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