Spinning and Losing

Where is my wallet? Where is my phone? Where is my wallet, again? For the past three days I have been repeatedly losing my possessions. No, I am not drunk during these misplacements. These items just continue to fall out of my pockets, and I am unaware of it at the time. Fortunately, I have been able to recover from these blunders, but I am curious why I keep getting struck by these occurrences.

After a brief google search, a metaphysical answer to this stumbling block would be to remain grounded–be in the present. For the past week, my mind has been bouncing from one thing to the next. I mean, I am in San Francisco, but there has been no structure to this trip. On top of it, I am coping with my job hunt which adds additional chaos–from calls with recruiters to figuring out what I want. In a nutshell, my mind has been scattered.

I booked my departure flight from San Francisco for this upcoming Wednesday. I made this decision due to my dwindling funds and upcoming interviews, but also to reclaim some balance back into my life. This trip to San Francisco has been spontaneous and fun, but I feel my life is out of order. I’m more or less just spinning at the moment, with no idea where I will land. I guess I should lay off the booze.


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