My Path

My morning was depleting in a variety of ways. I lost my wallet for the second time in three days, but after an emotional downfall that led to my complete surrender, it emerged somehow out of my right shoe. The rest of the morning consisted of nonstop incoming phone calls from recruiting agencies, revamping my resume, interview prep, and other dreary employment duties. By the time the madness had settled, a 16oz coffee and two cups of black tea sat empty on the coffee table.

Then, it was time for lunch. After snagging a burrito on Haight Street, I stumbled up Buena Vista Park on my way to the top. The paved trail loops around a plump hill stationed in the middle of the city, leading to an open lookout point located on a set of manicured grass. The scene was tranquil on the top: humming birds whizzing, clouds drifting overhead, and a view of the Golden Gate Bridge from afar.

Incidentally, I inhaled the serenity of the moment, but soon reflected on my morning. My future is not transparent, at the time being, but one can only connect the events as he or she glances back on his life. Moments and stages in life align themselves in an almost preplanned way that one cannot interpret them during the moment. Right now, I am facing a crossroads, without any map of where each path leads.

As I marched down the hill, I peered over at a wooden sign, planted in front of a small city garden. It read: Today is the first day of the rest of your life. That message struck me right then, leaving me with confirmation of the uncertainty ahead. Although we are each a byproduct of our past environments and experiences, each day we have a chance to change the direction of our life. I know my past and although I have experience with it,–specifically work experience– I don’t have any urge to revisit it. With that, I must continue to pave out my own path.


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