Coffee and Goodbyes

My departure from San Francisco was swift as I had an 8:15 a.m. flight to catch yesterday morning. I tossed and turned out of my slumber at about 5:30, and after accidentally yanking down the shower curtain, Porter and I rambled over to a cafe for coffee and goodbyes. The cafe– walls covered from top to bottom in water paintings– was devoid of any other customer. We sat there and sipped on our hot drinks as the final moments ticked away.

Soon enough, the Lyft driver pulled up and casted me off to the airport. Our goodbye was hastened, but adequate to assure each other we will see one another again–sooner or later. Probably around Thanksgiving. My brief time in San Francisco slipped away quicker than expected. Soon I would be stepping foot back on Pennsylvania soil, just as if I never left.

After being picked up in the airport, the car ride home revealed the resemblance of my departed city. Besides the scenery, of course, most sectors of the country aren’t as much dissimilar. Highways of cars racing home from a day of work. Strip malls supplying tonight’s dinner or the week’s groceries. Vibrant sunsets to conclude another day.

The demographic, food, and layout are, of course, unique to each city, but the inherent traits of life are still the same. San Francisco may lack as many conservatives as Pennsylvania, but as a whole, I didn’t view the city as being much more progressive or innovative.

Nevertheless, San Francisco and the surrounding area are fresh in my mind–unchartered territory for exploration. With that, it remains enticing for me to pack up my valuable belongings and move out there. Only my employment results will dictate that, though. In the mean time, Pennsylvania remains home.



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