Which way do I go?

Well, I received some conflicting news on this gloomy, cloudy afternoon. A letter from the Pennsylvania Department of Labor arrived in my mailbox, in regards to my unemployment eligibility. First–the good–I will be collecting enough unemployment benefits to cover my restricting loans. With that, I no longer need to pursue an accounting career–fuck yeah! No more interviews and no more drudgery work. I am going to pursue my creative interests, now.

Incidentally–the conflicting news–these creative interests (screenwriting) will most likely have to be engaged in Los Angeles or New York; not as much for the jobs, but the ¬†training centers (improv, sketch writing) employ the best teachers. However, my girlfriend, Porter, is remaining in San Francisco. Therefore, the crux is whether I move there or throw myself full heartedly into New York or Los Angeles. It’s tough; and Porter is struggling to cope with the idea of me being in another city.

My visit to San Francisco last week only improved and developed our relationship even more. She and I both want me to chase my dreams, but our relationship is put on the back burner if I’m in another city–it would be a test, for sure.

I’m not going to partake in any hasty decisions, so this next week I am really going to conduct my due diligence on these options. I also have to finish up with the CPA exam in the next ten days–just so I have the accolade for a backup career, as well as for my ego. So, this week I will be thinking a lot and unfortunately, studying…a lot.



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