Well, it has been a few weeks since I have written up a daily post. Things have slowed down somewhat from before, therefore, I decided to make an impromptu visit to San Francisco to surprise my girlfriend for Halloween. I coordinated my arrival with her roommates, and she was in utter shock when I arrived.

When I was flying cross-country, over endless fields and cloud-reaching mountains, I pondered the idea of surprises and the importance they hold in life. Surprises induce special moments in our lives in order to display the beauty of the world that we live in. I won’t go on a rant on how to live one’s life (subjective, of course), but these remarkable moments are the snippets we reflect back on when viewing a highlight reel of our lives. One isn’t going to recall the $200 he saved by staying at home instead, but one won’t forget the way he or she made another person feel by delivering wonder into their life.

After being in San Francisco for two days, my decision to spontaneously fly out here has been cemented even further. My girlfriend remains in utter disbelief and joy, as do I. Yesterday, after sleeping in and lounging in bed all afternoon, we stumbled over to Ocean Beach. The sand blew against us and the sun hid and peeked out throughout our stay. We planted behind a graffiti wall to shield ourselves form the sandstorm. We told stories, chatted about life, and embraced each other’s presence. It’s nice to back.




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