Looking from the Outside

I pedaled and glided down the hills, passing parked Volkswagen vans, rollerbladers, and ponds of ducks. Golden Gate Park is enormous, and this attempt was my first completion from one end to the other. As I neared the other end, an open view of the beach appeared.  I crossed the two streets and parking lot, and posted up against the concrete beach boarder.

Bonfires were sparking in various spots along the beach. Citizens were huddled around, protecting one another from the gusts of sand.  Overall, though, the scene was still on this overcast afternoon. I stood as a visitor, perceiving from an outsider’s view.

I have not booked a return ticket home but I am planning on returning just before Thanksgiving. Last week I spent the week in New York City and now, I am residing on the opposite side of the country. I take pleasure in a life when I’m voyaging from one place to the next. It keeps things fresh and interesting–also no rent payment. With that, it’s imperative to be as courteous and helpful to hosts. They’re the reason these trips are possible.

I rested my pink bicycle below the sand dunes, and I carried on up them. Up on top, I overlooked the beach, the highway, and San Francisco to the east. The wind wrapped around me as I stood, digesting the present moment. There was no rush to arrive anywhere nor accomplish anything. All that mattered at that moment was the scenery and my relationship to it.



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