I pulled up to the oceanfront parking lot. The beach was inhabited for the most part–it was a Tuesday afternoon–which made the appearance more than inviting. I slipped my Vans off and dug my toes in the sand as I moseyed over to a bare log that drifted ashore. There, I planted my butt in the giving sand and rested my back and elbows against the damp log. To my right was the Golden Gate Bridge and to my left were bright, colorful houses stationed on the hills. The moment was serene.

It’s quite evident, compared to my previous posts, that I have jumped off the paved path (corporate life). I’m engaging in interests which I take pleasure in now and I’ll see where they escort me. At this point, I embrace the present moment more than attempting to lock up a secure future. I don’t have a savings–I just live within a monthly budget to sustain this lifestyle. It might sound disastrous to some, but I am faithful, not hopeful, things will fall in to the place when needed.

For the past year, I have read, studied, and agreed with ample amounts of philosophical information. It is now time to apply this wisdom rather than simply nod my head at it. Therefore, I do things now that I want to do; Isn’t that how it should be?

The cold rush of water flooded over my feet and ankles. The current was strong. It flowed back and forth as I remained in the same upright stance. Today was the first day I’ve felt the ocean in November.






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