Finally Finished

Today I received some much awaited good news–I finally passed the CPA exam! Yes, this chapter of my life is finally complete and I can move on to completely focusing on other endeavors. I spent over a year of my life tackling that exam, and it feels unbelievably good to finally be finished. As time went on, my lack of interest in this career became more and more apparent. Now that I can move on, with this prestigious accolade, a lot of weight drops off my shoulders.

The CPA exam is notoriously known for be challenging, for instance, required several attempts on my part. However, all goals in life require constant effort and perseverance. This process I underwent, revealed the importance of striving for goals and targets you truly desire, not that society or outside influences tell you should want. For example, needless to say, this achievement feels great, but in the end, it’s not what I truly wanted. Therefore, all goals from now on will be led by my heart, whether they seem plausible or not.

Regardless, tonight will consist of some much needed celebration. And tomorrow will begin a new day, and as a sign I once read: today is the first day of the rest of you life. One has the ability to carve out a new path each day, but it is always satisfying to close doors which you won’t be walking through again. With that, a new door cracks open.



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