Change of Plans

The sun was shining and I had no predetermined destination in mind. I left in the general direction (west) towards the beach and drove into a parking lot cemented up on the cliff: four-hour free parking and time to spare. A sign indicated that this area was Lands End. I vaguely heard talk about this area but I was amazed once the day was finished. Trails running along the cliffs which only provide the best of the best views of the coast. I stumbled upon beauty.

Towards the end of my journey, I wandered down a tight trail which led to a stone-covered beach. The waves were crashing with force and visitors rested on large logs, gazing out at sea. I sunk my feet into the cold, flowing salt water and awed at the surrounding cliffs towering above me. The setting was serene. My new path had led me here–a place I had never imagined.

Over the years I have discovered beautiful truths about California. However, for some reason I never really envisioned myself visiting or being here. I was more interested in venturing to other areas of the country: Colorado for instance. Although it is clear I am   positioned here now because of my girlfriend, it is of value to note the curiosity of the situation. In the early months of 2016, my plan was to hunker down at my former job and live at my parent’s house for the next three years in order to jab away at my mammoth student loans. Things have changed, apparently.



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