Old Friends

My friend, Josh, trekked up from Mountain View (1 hour south of San Francisco) to spend the day with me. After opting out on visiting Big Sur due to distance, neither of us possessed any grandiose plans for the day. With that, we strolled around Haight, lounged in Golden Gate Park, and shot some pool on Page Street. Overall, it was a pleasant Sunday for two high school friends catching up.

It’s interesting–Josh and I have known each other for nine years at this point. When reflecting back on our high school selves, our core personalities are still intact. Of course, our appearances and life views have changed somewhat, but we are relatively the same characters. With that, we’re complete opposites. We have a few similar interests but we disagree on most. But for some reason, we still find ourselves trying to hustle each other on minuscule bets. We each think we’re right–that characteristic is one we do have in common.

As we shot multiple games of pool, in the dimly lit bar, our chatter, trash talk, and opposing views constantly flowed back and forth. Laughs were exchanged and egos were bruised. It was entertaining. It’s interesting why certain people gravitate to one another, besides the apparently shared interests. A lot of my interests have changed, and I’m sure the same for Josh as well. However, the attractive force may just be the opposite views that we share. It keeps things refreshing, at least.



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