The Scenic Route

I squatted down on the solo green park bench overlooking the city of San Francisco, the bay, and the ocean. This view is from Grand View Park and it is renowned as the best view in the entire city–one can see everything. A light breeze flew in, and it was relatively silent at this high up. In the distance, I watched the cars start and stop as they muscled through traffic, storage boats inch closer to shore, and the waves peel from the left and right. I remained seated.

Recently I have been hit with some waves of anxiety. Whenever it occurs, I just remind myself there’s no rush and no concept of time for that matter: might sound like philosophical bullshit to some. But yes, people do make it apparent that I am falling behind; that I’m dropping in ranks with the other degenerates or lost causes–simply due to the fact that I am not employed and vagabonding at the moment. But where are we rushing to?

An interesting thought arose while I was on the hunt for a parking spot near my girlfriend’s house. I was looping and crossing streets over and over until I finally nipped one a few blocks up. There’s this analogy of one’s path in reference to his or her life. Some individuals follow the laid-out paths while other individuals sculpt a unique one for themselves. However, there is never any talk of where these paths lead to. With that, it dawned on me that all paths, whether your’s or mine, ends at the same place. Therefore, I rather follow the scenic route rather the highway.



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