San Francisco Vibe


The tune of Althea by the Grateful Dead was jamming in my head as I boogied through the ankle deep, chilling water. My shirt was off and I was sidestepping and grooving along. Occasionally, strong tides of water would flood against my legs and stick me in place. Subsequently, I would carry on, with the song playing on repeat.

As I’ve spent more and more time in San Francisco, it is apparent how the Grateful Dead emulate the vibe of this city. Of course, the band originated in San Francisco and there legacy thrives on, but it just reveals how this band was able to package a city’s culture and present it through their music. I mean, a majority of their songs are devoid of any San Francisco reference, but their tunes still encompass the people and that era, specifically. Needless to say, each given style of music can represent a certain region of the country, but one band, The Grateful Dead, were able to do it themselves.

I kept wandering, with no direction, glancing at couples chilling on navajo blankets, old heads lighting up worn-out bowls, and dogs scurrying ahead of their owners. Everyone was doing their thing, whatever that might entail. The vibe is its own out here in San Francisco. The opening line in the third verse of Althea sings, “Ain’t nobody messin with you but you.” Ain’t that the truth.




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