The Seeker

Steep walls of sand stood on one side and an endless steam of crashing waves faced me on the opposite side. Under the gray sky, I sunk into the black sand. I was by myself on this shore and I was thousands of miles away from family and friends, though, I was not alone. Natural areas influence my imagination to wonder who stood in this exact position before me. That question holds no weight in an office building or a commercial shopping center. However, out there–on the coast–the answer stems way back.

The people who I am envisioning are the seekers. The seekers are people who are on the explore searching for the truth (subjective to each person) and to experience anything that invigorates their souls. These are the people who strip their clothes off, dive into the frigid water, and scream at the top of their lungs. I believe there is a piece of the seeker in all of us, especially the malcontents. Though, it’s up to each individual to grasp the courage to wander where his or her heart leads him. One will be pleasantly surprised.



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