Peaceful Escape

Early Saturday afternoon, we packed into Chris’ red, 90’s model Subaru and hauled over to Squaw Mountain. The ride over delivered much nostalgia from my few days spent in the Grand Tetons last summer. The town was relatively empty and the mountains were bare, besides spots of snow towards the peaks. Ski season was clearly not here yet.

Chris led us on a quick excursion towards a waterfall on the other side of the face of Squaw. We balanced ourselves on logs and skipped onto rocks, peeking out of the flowing streams. Then, we slipped off our shoes, grounding ourselves with the Earth, and scaled rugged boulders. Due to the lack of snowmelt, the waterfall wasn’t as dominate as usual. Nonetheless, it was still tranquil to be stationed in nature once again.

Sunset occurred at 4:30 p.m in Lake Tahoe, due to the shielding mountains. We cruised back to Chris’ cabin as the sun was setting. A picturesque setting surround us and it’s astonishing to realize places, with populations of only a couple hundred people, exist. There is an underlying calm atmosphere within the towns surrounding the lake. The vibe emulated a peaceful escape from the rest of the world. I mean, that is partly why we were there.


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