Super Moon

“I think this is Heaven,” Porter exclaimed.

“I think you’re right.” I agreed.

On our drive back from hiking Five Lakes Trail, we stumbled upon the most beautiful sunset I have ever laid eyes on. We were passing through the town of Tahoe and on our right, the sunset’s cotton candy colors reflected against Lake Tahoe. Without hesitation, we pulled aside, and drifted down to the rock covered beach.

The lake and everything surrounding it was still. We tiptoed up to the edge of the water, not wanting to disturb the moment. One can only describe it as entering a new, beautiful world for the first time (the pictures below won’t do it any justice). We stood, astonished, intaking all of the beauty.

“OMG. Look–” Porter let out.

I scanned over to the left, and there, creeping over the eastern mountains was the Super Moon. Wow. This scene appeared to be an illustration–it seemed that fictitious.  We remained fixed as the moon levitated above the mountain tops–it was mesmerizing.

The colors of the sky turned more and more vibrant, but then faded away, leaving the moon and the dark sky by themselves. Porter and I wandered back to the car, glancing back at the moon. It sat there in the sky, overlooking all of planet earth. I wonder who had the better view.



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