What day is it?

I had just pulled out two books on spirituality and settled onto the floor, when a Barnes N’ Noble attendee requested I move. Sitting curled up on the solid carpet of the bookstore became somewhat of a tradition for me, and for many other customers as well. For some reason, it seemed like a natural transition: grab book then lay on floor. I shifted over to the Starbucks Cafe Tables–an immense progression, for sure.

I skimmed through the hundreds of pages and snapped pictures, using my iPhone, of any passages that appeared interesting. At one moment, I withdrew from my state of preoccupation, and scanned the open cafe room. I was the youngest one in there, and from my perception, no one was within 25 years of me. There sat businessmen, elderly, motorcyclists, all engaged to their books of choice. Was everyone else at work?

Nowadays, I am frequently muddling up the days of the week. When everyone else is dreading the arrival of Monday, I am preparing for just another ordinary day. It is not to say I lounge around and be unproductive, but I commit to a similar schedule on weekdays and weekends. I devote my time to activities that I enjoy, and in turn, strive for improvement.

I gathered my belongings and departed from the bookstore, out into the dreary-looking day. It was already a hair past 1 p.m–the day was moving along quite rapidly. With that, I pulled away from the parking lot accompanied by a deprived stomach. Perhaps I am missing lunch as well.

Pictures from Napa:


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