Gratifying Feeling

I rolled my sweatpants up to allow my shins and calves to bake in the sun. I was lounging on a manicured grass incline in a nearby park on Friday afternoon. The park was practically vacant besides a few walkers passing by. The sun treated Pennsylvania with one more pleasantly warm day as winter imminently approaches.With that, there was no more productive way to spend the afternoon than writing outside.

At this point last year, I was confined to a small conference room from 9-5, Monday through Friday. The only glimpse of sun that I witnessed was on my prolonged traffic-filled ride to the office. Things have changed, for good or ill, and now I bathe in the sun much more frequently. Even when I was an employee cramped in a nude office room, it appeared unnatural to rarely experience the sun’s rays. We were–they still are– missing out on so much.

Following my session of rolling on the grass and forming notes of absurd stories on my iPhone, I rambled on an extended, frivolous drive: passing people mowing their lawns, flowing creeks, parents waiting on the edge of their neighborhoods for their children. I snapped a few photos of the scenery, but nothing was noteworthy. Excursions like this might be viewed as unproductive or inefficient, but there is underlying value. I was being human and experiencing the world for what it is–a gratifying feeling was produced.


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