Changing Songs

Winter was knocking on the door yesterday: strong gusts of wind, flurries, low 40 degree temperature. The seasons are changing once again and that transformation is accompanied by people changing as well.

Ignoring the frigid weather, my dad and I ventured off on a long walk yesterday afternoon. The graveled walking path runs adjacent to the Perkiomen river, which appeared shallow and freezing at this time of the year. A mile in to our leisure walk, my dad caught sight of a somewhat etched-out trail leading down to the river. We opted for a new path, stepping over horse shit, fallen branches, and slippery leaves.

The previous time (September) I cut down to the river, I staggered across a black garden snake. On yesterday’s off-beaten trip, my eyes were peeled for a similar encounter. Although no snakes were spotted, a flash of my previous night’s dream was revisited; the setting was unclear but the plot entailed my multiple attempts to confine two green thin snakes in a jar. Hmm I think there is some symbolism to that dream.

Snakes in a dream (not Snakes on a plane) represent transformation or rebirth (according to google). I am aware I am undergoing a period of change, at the moment, and I am preparing for my upcoming move to California. There’s uncertainty accompanying this trip: financial means, living quarters, life direction, etc. I’ve been residing at my parent’s house for the past year, therefore, there will be uncertainty with a change drastically different like this one. My snake dream only confirms these arising thoughts.

My dad and I reached the pebbled island stationed above the one-foot-deep river. The clear water flowed along in harmony to the swaying, naked tree branches. The howl of the wind echoed in the background. Nature is an orchestra about to play a new song.


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