We are here to help each other…

My bedroom was pitch black and the only sound was the howling of the ceaseless gusts of wind. I lay spread-out on a rickety bed, then I tossed on my left side and then rolled onto my right side, adjusted my stiff neck as well the position of my nagging spine. My running thoughts inundated my mind, and at this point, all I wanted was to drift asleep. Sleep appeared as the only solution to numb this stint of late-night depression. Then I received a call from my girlfriend, Porter.

Porter’s upbeat charisma rang through the phone and my melancholy trickled through as well. The conversation concluded abruptly, but she was aware something was unusual. Another sleep attempt proceeded, but I was interrupted by a text from Porter. The blinding light from my IPhone struck my eyes, but Porter’s cheerful text served as remedy, boosting my spirits to my accustomed equilibrium.

My resurrection was as if I had just slugged back an energy drink. I shot out texts in a frenzy, in between writing a short story on my phone. I was yanked out of despair, because of the care another person draped over me. These brief moments underline the importance of relationships, whether intimate, family, or friend. Kurt Vonnegut discussed the purpose of life and he said, “We are here to help each other get through this thing, whatever it is.” Thanks, Porter.


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