Pennsylvania’s Character

Pennsylvania is entering the five-six month period when it displays a bleak, bare, and unwelcoming appearance. The weather in Pennsylvania plunges just as much as any other northern state during the winter. During this darker time, the blue-collar and grittiness of this state begins to overshadow the other attributes. The landscape is devoid of any full green trees, tall yellow corn mazes, and extended sunny days. Instead, the frosty windshields, mobbed gas-station parking lots (Wawa), along with the rusty railroads running aside the frozen rivers, exhibit the Pennsylvania character.

With that, maybe it’s the weather which influences most people to avoid eye contact and bolt to their next place of warmth. It’s cold, pressuring people to retreat into a deeper, instinctive survival mode. On the other hand, people in San Francisco are grinning, biking on their way to work. There’s not as much of an urgency, just another day in sunny California. For granted, I have not experienced San Francisco in the winter, but from my knowledge (google), the weather remains consistent year-round.

This realization influences me even more to flee cross-country to San Francisco. I’ve experienced enough Pennsylvania winters (every year of my life for that matter), and at least this year, I rather reside in a warmer area. Pennsylvania no doubt possesses character and at this point in my life, my character doesn’t align as well with Pennsylvania’s. Therefore, I’ll drive alongside the outbound train leaving PA, racing towards the falling sun.



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