Blooming Again

The clouds smothered the sky, preventing any burst of light from peeking through. The air was still and the ground was wet. The vultures had disappeared from the mountain and the leaves covered the ground floor. Yesterday was the first day of December.

The month of November may have been skipped this year, I think. Everything is ending at this time of the year, and preparation is being made for the new year. 2016 is basically in the books and there is a lot to reflect on–maybe too much. A highlight reel plays through my mind, consisting of much more highs than lows. My year was shaken up several times, but I fell in the right place each time it happened.

2015 was a year of misery for me; my feeling of choice was depression. Nevertheless, much self-introspection and growth occurred that year, which in turn, manifested great opportunities in 2016. During this last quarter, I’ve reeled back in for further self-analysis and soul searching. As expected, there were moments of doubt and uncertainty. But now, I have a clearer vision on how I want to approach the new year and my life as a whole.

The ski-mountain trail led me back to my Subaru in the gravel parking lot. I’ve followed this trail countless times over the past two years–it’s been a meditative retreat for me. I’ve seen it during every season, witnessing the growth and decay of the surroundings. It won’t be long till things are blooming again.


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