Final Drops

Plans are being solidified and moves are being made. My departure date to the west coast is set on January 2nd. Around this time last year, wild dreams of moving to the west coast were played in my head. Then at the end of August, with my girlfriend moving out there, these dreams became more of a possibility but still remained somewhat out of reach. Now, after two trips out to California and several months stationed at my parent’s house, contemplating my life ahead, I have opted to make a final decision to move out there.

With that, the time between now and my departure date dwindles to less than a month. I am reaching out to west-coast contacts, straightening-out my finances, carrying out precautionary steps, and building up my excitement. Last June, I journeyed out to Colorado selling shirts at festivals. It was a project and business opportunity, which I was excited about. That bolt of excitement has returned, but I’m heading even farther west this time.

I was looking down at the bottom-floor gym equipment from the balcony in the YMCA. I remember when I was 15 years-old, I would bike over to the YMCA to workout. Then, I left for college for a few years, but it was only three hours away from home. Then after graduation, I readjusted back into my position of living at home again. With this move now, these final weeks may be my last stint living in my hometown. This phase in my life is coming to an end. With that, I will appreciate the last few drops and look forward to the vast ocean I’m about to dip into.



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