Spiritual Messages

I dragged over a stepping stool and positioned it right in front of the spirituality section.  In an hour I had to pick my sister up at the 30th Street train station, so I had some time to spare in Barnes N Noble. The spirituality section always contains some interesting insights. In reference to my post from yesterday, I skimmed through a Native American-symbolism book for meaning behind the hawk and the heron. The hawk represents visionary power, as well as a message entailing one’s life purpose is on the way. As for the heron, it symbolizes self-reliance and aggressive self-determination, specifically in leading one’s own path in life.

As I slowed down to absorb all of these insights, it was apparent how relatable they were at this point in my life. I’m cutting off trail alone in pursuit of my own individual quest. I have an idea what my life-work or purpose is, therefore, I am moving in the direction of it.

As I squatted on the stool, I nodded my head in agreement with the information I was reading. Then, I closed it shut and checked the time on my phone. It was 11:11. This number sequence is widely known as a good omen or divine message. It only solidified everything I was just reading.

The time passed by quickly, and my sister would be arriving at the train station shortly. I left with a feeling of optimism and reassurance in my awareness. Over this past year, I have become more aware to the subtle messages presented in front of me. Let’s hope I catch the next one that’s on the way.


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