Warm Inside

The shades are pulled close, providing a linen shield against the light. The house is still, besides the occasional howl of the wind outside and the ceaseless-blowing noise from the heater. It’s cold and I have no intentions of bundling up and venturing outside. I remained sprawled out on the beige carpet, meditating in order to disrupt the flow of negative thoughts. It’s working.

Having ample amount of time on my hands, it’s easy to fall back into some negative habits. In addition, the new year is approaching, a time to commit to resolutions. With a few weeks until the ball drops, I’m attempting to shed off some customs that don’t serve me anymore, and instead, adopt beneficial ways of thinking and being.

I abandoned the bottle (drinking) for the next few weeks to clear my mind. I recall last spring when I endured a month without drinking, my thinking was noticeably transparent. I’m not quitting for good, but taking a hiatus in order to see a clearer picture of my future. Basic things like that, eating healthier, exercising, meditating, etc. Implementing these habits before the new year will only make it easier to build on them once 2017 begins.

I flick open my eyes, facing up at the ceiling 20 feet above my head. The body high continues to radiate off me; my vibrations have been elevated. I don’t rush to get up, bur rather, lie there and enjoy the feeling of a calmer mind. It’s warm inside.



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