Declining Temp

My hands were numb, which constructed hurdles to press down the shutter button. I pulled my hand back, shook it in hopes of warming it up, and then repositioned it on the camera. Click. It was 19 degrees outside–the first day under 20 degrees this winter.

After relishing my skateboard session from earlier in the week, I plunged out of my house with high spirits. I struggled snapping a few photos initially, then I proceeded to brave through the cold and skate. It didn’t last too long.

The river was split down the middle between flowing water and rigid ice. Over to my left, snow-guns were unloading tons of snow everywhere. No one was around, no trace of wildlife. It was just me. I missed the weather memo, I guess.

Daily or every-other day, I put forth an effort to get outside, in or near nature. I’ve become aware of the solace I receive from being out in the open. With that, I’m tugged in that direction, regardless of the conditions. Because of my move to California in January, fortunately I will not have to cooperate with the heart of winter–this a momentous change.

I shoved my board in the backseat and rambled out of the parking lot, peering at the white-blanketed mountain through my rearview mirror. My seat was gradually heating up and I sat, stiff and frozen, clenching onto the steering wheel. The thermometer held flat at 19 degrees. Hmm, this isn’t even that low, I thought.



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