Time Off

“If you’re gonna take a picture of me, at least take it from my good side.” The park-security employee shouted from across the parking lot.

I dropped my board to the surface and skated over towards him. This man was gazing out at the trees and sporadically back at his computer screen. He was on break–just trying to recuperate before a call came in. He said the hours were long–real long–and he only had one day off around the holidays.

“I’ll take it, though. Better than nothing.” He confessed.

I sympathized with him, though I concealed that I’ve been on an extended holiday for quite some time, because of my unemployment. I hastily snapped a few pictures–with his permission–and wished him happy holidays. Then, I pushed off and cruised down the trail on my board.

Receiving unemployment has been a blessing, of course because of the monetary aspect, but because that correlates to added time to allow me to redirect my life. I was aiming unconsciously down a no-outlet street. At some point, I would be forced to turn around, so it was better I u-turned earlier than later. Now, I’m veering off down a road of uncertainty, but at least it can direct me to other places.

Before I trek off in January, it’s important to savor these final two weeks: quality time spent with my family and friends. Needless to say, that’s the underlying meaning of the holidays, and for a majority of people, these are some of the few days they receive off in the year. Therefore, slow down, listen to their stories, exchange gifts, and laugh. It means a lot for everyone.



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