“Kiran, it’s been so long, man! How you been?” I greeted my old supervisor with exuberance.

“Dude, it’s been like two years. So good to see you!” He said as he dapped me up.

Kiran and I met up at the surprisingly-packed, Sixers game last night. We scored some tickets on the second level for $8 a piece. We grabbed a beer each and roamed over to our seats. The game had already started once we sat down, and I seldom paid attention to it throughout the night. I was aware they lost, though.

Kiran was my supervisor at my co-op from the summer leading into my senior year through my fall semester (six months). From our initial meeting, we bonded instantly, and continued to check in on each other once I departed back for my final semester. Needless to say, he’s a good dude.

I have changed a lot since my days squatting in a cubicle in central New Jersey, so we had copious points to talk about. We arranged this rendezvous because I informed him that I was departing for California on January 2. He encouraged the move and additionally, as much travel as possible in my 20’s: that was his major piece of advice last night. Nevertheless, he advised me not to defer work, but don’t stress, as office jobs will always be available. In addition, as one ages and cultivates a family, those mobile opportunities proceed to slim down.

Then, we hit a wide spectrum of topics, such as dating, marriage, music, and former co-workers. We sipped on our beers casually, traded laughs, and reminisced on the past of working with characters and egotists. It was worthwhile to meet up with an old friend, prior to fleeing from the east coast.

He ended with, “Man, the possibilities are endless for you now. For all I know, you’ll be up in Alaska when I hear from you next. Either way, I’ll be paying you a visit.”

With that, we said our goodbyes, dapped once more, and went our separate ways. Alaska, I thought.

Photo from 3 days ago–Sheep!


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